The home bathroom has now become an important and nerve center space in the organization of the family.

For this reason it must be well designed on a functional level but at the same time the new needs require that it is also beautiful and relaxing, equipped with the most current taps and, when necessary, able to hide a laundry room.


Baths & Spa

Where there is the possibility of inserting more bathrooms, one of them can become a real equipped spa.

We at Lab19zero2 are specialize in the realization of bathrooms and spas and in the selection of finishes and bathroom furniture. Even in the case of renovations within offices or business centers, there are intelligent and innovative solutions with which to better integrate the service spaces into the workplace.
In the case of hotels, farms and public places, there are various elegant and highly effective solutions, specifically designed to impress guests in a discreet way. The long experience in the realization of bathrooms and spas and the knowledge of the sector allow us to make the most of the conditions of the structure to customize every detail to the maximum. In the photos some examples of private projects, offices or bathrooms in the hotel sector. Each of our bathrooms is unique and tailor-made according to customer needs.