The constant research and selection of materials over the years through travel, participation in fairs and the experience gained in the field, has allowed LAb19zero2 to establish direct collaborative relationships with the best and most particular Italian manufacturing companies, but also some interesting foreign companies, be they large industries or small artisan businesses.

Today Lab19zero2 is able to offer a complete, current and original range of solutions able to satisfy the most demanding customers in a proactive and personalized way.

The access and direct line with Italian and international factories makes the company competitive on the market and capable of providing solutions of great interest to the designer who wants to stand out from the crowd and needs new proposals for a demanding and refined clientele.



The “green” aspect of eco-sustainability is always considered to be decisive in the choice of procurement of materials.
In fact, Lab19zero2 prefers natural or eco-sustainable materials such as wood, bamboo, mortar and stone, decorative papers and certified tile companies that operate in respect of the environment, controlling or offsetting their own impact in terms of emissions. and consumption with the use of renewable sources.
The curious and eclectic attitude and the passion of the staff make Lab19zero2’s offer unique and distinctive.