Lighting design is also one of the services offered. Lab19zero2’s offer is represented by a selection of technical and decorative lighting produced by leading Italian companies in the sector. Furthermore, making use of the external consultancy of experts in the field of lighting design, Lab19zero2 can study ad hoc solutions for both corporate spaces and private homes.
In the pictures: project created by Arch. Angela D’Amato and Ing. Antonio Petrillo.



For the lighting of spaces, we offer innovative solutions in step with the innovations introduced by technological research, without neglecting the potential of home automation from a smart home perspective.
We employ specialized technicians and designers who collaborate with us in projects to achieve a perfect balance between natural and artificial light, enhancing the architectural aspect and the landscape context in the best possible way.

Combining comfort, aesthetic sensibility, energy saving and plant engineering aspect, Lab19zero2 also offers, in addition to the surfaces, a selection of technical and decorative lights to complete the interior design offer. Here are some examples.