Lab19zero2 also specializes in interior design, using experience and sensitivity in the choice of furnishings, accessories and the combination of lights and colors, for unique and refined environments.

The staff directly follows all the operational steps of the work, taking care of customizing homes, commercial structures and public places by carrying out a complete contract supply from surfaces to furnishings.


The kitchen is today the fulcrum of the home, an open and sharing space where the separation from the living area is increasingly blurred. To meet the needs of contemporary living, Lab19zero2 has selected a range of kitchens and open elements to be modular and customized according to the customer’s needs. The offer includes the design model, the elegant and modern kitchen, the industrial style solution and the choice with a romantic and traditional flavor. By combining the exclusive finishings of Lab19zero2 with the kitchens, the unique and distinctive result is guaranteed.

Distinctive elements

Interior design

Lab19zero2 also offers a selection of outdoor and indoor furniture as well as particular objects for the home and kitchen, favoring natural materials and design elements.

We have a section dedicated to making more sophisticated and refined public places such as bars and restaurants or accommodation facilities such as hotels, farmhouses and mansions, also playing with combinations and contrasts.